Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is equal to the word relaxation and uses special techniques to relax and calm down the stressed strength of the body.


Full Body Massage

As the name suggest, these massages have a Lespa of giving complete relaxation and refreshment. Lespa promotes relaxation....


Aroma Therapy Massage

Everyone may know that a great massage can do wonderful things for your brain and body when you're impression stressed.


Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage therapy melt away tension, eases muscle hardness and ieases movement and metabolism.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissues massage therapy objectives further levels of muscles and connective cells. This extreme and extremely helpful...


Shiatsu Massage Massage

It is true that "Shiatsu Massage" is a Japanese people massage therapy technique, its done with the use of fingers.


Balinese Massage

A Balinese massage treatments are an historical treatment related to worry release. It is an excellent technique....


Sports Massage

Sports massage therapy methods are a type of massage therapy that can alleviate pain occurring in certain whole parts of the body....


Male to Male Massage

Our Complete Body Men To Men Massage "Le Spa" in Siliguri helps you to obtain an the best possible of comfort, convenience.....


Foot Reflexology

We all know that a foot massage therapy every now and then can really help us rest, particularly after a long day of standing....